What is Assisted Living Facility Insurance?

ALF Insurance stands for “Assisted Living Facility” which are used in the time when a person can no longer handle the daily tasks of living in their own home or with family. In this case, assisted living insurance coverage is needed. About 4.5 percent (about 1.5 million) of elders live in nursing homes and 2 percent (1 million) in assisted living facilities.

What is the difference between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes?

There are two very big differences between both facilities. However, both do provide a safe, healthy, and happy living environment for those in their care, along with support in ADL (Activities of Daily Living) which goes from bathing, dressing, and personal care. The differences are in the medical services that are provided and the physicality. In simpler terms, the Assisted living is housing that provides some care while Nursing homes are primarily caring facilities that also provide housing. Most people who stay in assisted living facilities don’t need the constant supervision. In some cases, the assisted living facility will have a resident nurse, sometimes an onsite health clinic. However, their focus is to help residents with the bare necessity living activities, such as bathing, dressing, eating and taking medicines.

Are Veterans eligible for Assisted Living?

Yes! Veterans are eligible for Assisted Living. The Department of Veterans Affairs covers assisted living care for veterans and for the spouses of veterans. However, there are requirements, it is for those who have served at least 90 days on active duty and at least one day during wartime. The people who apply for this must meet a medical qualification test. But their conditions do not need to be related to military service.

Costs and Payment!

Caring for the elderly can become quite costly. Assisted Living Facilities are considered “private pay” due to the fact that Medicare and Medicaid generally do NOT cover the costs. The costs can range anywhere from $2,500 to $6,700 per month, all depending on the state you live in. However, Private pay in some cases offers perks such as upgraded rooms or more leisure activities. The American Insurance Brokers currently provide master policies for multiple associations throughout the state of Florida, including insurance for assisted living facilities.

Which is best to have?

Aging is a part of life that no one can stop nor slow down, this makes Assisted Living need-driven. For the people who are still independent but could use some help with meals, cleaning and self-care, assisted living can be a great option for them. It allows elders to leave the basic necessities up to staff while they enjoy living. Nursing homes is the option for seniors who need more attention. Similar to assisted living facilities, nursing homes have a sense of community. But their main focus is on medical care, which can benefit those who need frequent medical attention. Assisted living facility insurance is also very beneficial to have. American Insurance Brokers is an independent broker and work exclusively on a person’s behalf to source the most effective and low-cost solutions, let us help to you with a better insurance option.

Assisted living facility insurance

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